Good day, Harmony Family!
Our first rounds of the PBA Tiger Shop have been a great success. Here is important information for the final round of earning, spending and receiving PBA Tiger Bucks and items. We look forward to having more and even better items in our catalogs next year!

*All PBA Tiger Bucks must be spent this year. They will not roll over to next school year.

*All orders are final and cannot be retracted or redone. Be sure it is correct before submitting. Try your best to avoid multiple submissions

*Important dates:

              5/10/2021 – Order forms will open by 8 am

5/18/2021 – Last day for teachers to issue any PBA Tiger Bucks

              5/21/2021 – LAST CHANCE TO SPEND PBA TIGER BUCKS – Order forms will close at 10 pm.

*Be sure to use the appropriate Tiger Shop catalog and order form:

              K-5th catalog:  

              K-5th order form:


              6-12th catalog:

              6-12th order form:

* Picking up Tiger Shop items that have been ordered:

              Where: In front of K-1 building

              When: 5/21/2021 @ 3:30 – 4:30 pm    or     5/25/2021 @ 3:30 – 4:30 pm

The time has finally come. Please click on the link below to view your PBA catalog.  In it you will find the process for finding and redeeming your well earned PBA  points, aka Tiger Bucks!
Unfortunately, the PBA system is set up so that your PBA points will expire at the end of the school year.  So be sure to spend all your points either this month or next.  Next year, you will be able to accumulate your points, throughout the entire year, to save up for something big!  We will have much more and better prizes next school year.
Here is the link for the catalog that also has the instructions on how to order and pick up your awards:
Here is the link to place your order:
The form will be opened from Monday, May 10th through Friday, May 21st.

The time has come for students to place their orders at our Tiger Shop!

The form will be opened from Monday, May 10th through Friday, May 21st.

Tiger Shop Catalog:

An image of the 5-5th grade tiger shop catalogue cover

Select the link below for the:

Tiger Shop Online Order Form

3rd-8th STAAR.pdf

Menu, May 2021.pdf

Child Nutrition Newsletter for May 2021.pdf