Dear Harmony Families,

We have arranged a FAFSA Application Night for students and parents led by GoingMerry, on October 12th, 5:30pm-6:30pm MST. Below you will find the attached PDF flyer with the registration links.  It is also available on Schoolinks. The session has a 1000 people capacity and we hope we will have that many participants.

FAFSA Application Night with GoingMerry.pdf

An image of the FAFSA Night flyer.

This year every child at Harmony Public Schools is eligible to receive free lunch and breakfast each day from our child nutrition team.
However, Harmony would like to remind parents of the need to still submit one of our critical Harmony forms instead of the application normally associated with qualifying for Free & Reduced Price Meal Programs.
Each year, Harmony Public Schools is required to collect and report the socioeconomic status of each student to the Texas Education Agency for purposes of the annual state accountability ratings and for federal reporting. The data collected is used by educational agencies to determine funding which may be used for a variety of programs and educational opportunities.
Today, we are asking parents to please complete the online form “Household Income Information” in Skyward. Upon login to Skyward, this form is accessible from the main screen. If you have any questions, please contact the Child Nutrition Assistant at your child’s school.

Dear Harmony Families,

At Harmony School of Innovation, providing our students with an academically focused learning environment is one of our highest priorities.

In order to provide our students with more learning and engagement opportunities in a space that best fits their needs, Harmony School of Innovation is excited to announce that we will be expanding into two campuses for the 2022-2023 school year.  Our existing school will become an elementary campus serving students in PreK- Grade 5 and we will be building a brand-new campus for students in grades 6-12. Our new 6-12 campus will be located at 10405 Dyer St., El Paso, TX 79924.  This will be our 5th campus in El Paso!

We look forward to sharing additional updates about this exciting opportunity throughout the months ahead. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (915) 757-2929.  We encourage all middle and high school parents to follow us at for updates on this new campus.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to helping your child continue their educational journey with us.



Harmony School of Innovation

UPDATE: Harmony Public Schools free COVID-19 vaccination clinic has been moved to Friday, Oct. 8 from 12pm to 4pm at the Harmony School of innovation on 5210 Fairbanks. COVID booster shots will be available for those that qualify.
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Getting into college – Sort out the myths and learn the facts.pdf


An image of page 1 of the Getting Into College Flyer An image of page 2 of the Getting Into College Flyer

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An image of the Alopecia Awareness Month Flyer.

An image of the Virtual Book Fair flyer from September 20th - October 3rd. An image of the Scholastic Virtual Book Fair web link.

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Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott officially signed into law a new education funding bill that will allow public schools like ours to offer full virtual learning to up to 10 percent of our student body enrolled in Grades K-12.


Under the law, to be eligible to participate and remain in virtual learning, students must meet all of the following criteria:


  • Students must have passed the most recent STAAR exams (if applicable to grade level). If student did not take STAAR, NWEA grade-level proficiency is required, AND;
  • Students must have earned a “C” grade of higher in “foundation curriculum” courses taken virtually or remotely in the previous school year (ex. Math, reading), AND;
  • Students must have no more than 10% unexcused absences during the previous school year, and maintain less than 10 unexcused absences in a six-month period.


Recently, we asked families to log into Skyward to let us know if they prefer for their child to attend virtual learning or continue in-person learning on campus. The deadline to make your selection is Wednesday September 15, 2021. For those who select “Virtual Learning,” we will cross-checking their student records to determine their eligibility status. Those selected will be notified by their home campus soon and given further directions on how to begin online learning.


For those not selected for virtual learning or who wish to remain in-person learning from campus, Harmony will continue to offer its “remote conferencing” option on an as-needed basis. Under this program, students can learn from home for up to 20 instructional days if they have a pre-existing medical condition, or are forced to quarantine due to positive COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure. Additional days may be granted upon TEA approval with required documentation.


Harmony thanks you for your ongoing support and patience as the situation regarding virtual learning unfolded these past few weeks. Whether your student is attending virtual or in-person, we look forward to a great school year with you and your family.

– – –


La semana pasada, el gobernador Greg Abbott promulgó oficialmente una nueva ley de financiación de la educación que permitirá a las escuelas públicas como la nuestra ofrecer aprendizaje virtual completo para hasta el 10 por ciento de nuestros estudiantes.


En consecuencia, Harmony Public Schools se complace en anunciar que comenzará a ofrecer una opción de aprendizaje virtual a partir del lunes 4 de octubre para los estudiantes elegibles, según lo permitan los límites de inscripción.


Según la ley, para ser elegible para participar y permanecer en el aprendizaje virtual, los estudiantes deben cumplir con todos los siguientes criterios:



  • Los estudiantes deben haber aprobado los exámenes STAAR más recientes (si corresponde al nivel de grado). Si el estudiante no hizo STAAR, se requiere competencia de nivel de grado de NWEA, Y;


  • Los estudiantes deben haber obtenido una calificación “C” o superior en los cursos del “plan de estudios básico” hechos de forma virtual o remota en el año escolar anterior (por ejemplo, matemáticas, lectura), Y;


  • Los estudiantes no deben tener más del 10% de ausencias injustificadas durante el año escolar anterior y mantener menos de 10 ausencias injustificadas en un período de seis meses.


Recientemente, les pedimos a las familias que inicien sesión en Skyward para informarnos si prefieren que su hijo asista al aprendizaje virtual o que continúe con el aprendizaje presencial en el campus. La fecha límite para hacer su selección es el miércoles 15 de septiembre de 2021. Para aquellos que seleccionen “Aprendizaje virtual”, verificaremos sus registros de estudiantes para determinar su estado de elegibilidad. Los seleccionados serán notificados por su campus de origen pronto y se les dará más instrucciones sobre cómo comenzar el aprendizaje en línea. 


Para aquellos que no hayan sido seleccionados para el aprendizaje virtual o que deseen seguir aprendiendo de manera presencial desde el campus, Harmony continuará ofreciendo su opción de “conferencias remotas” según sea necesario. Bajo este programa, los estudiantes pueden aprender desde casa durante hasta 20 días de instrucción si tienen una afección médica preexistente o si se ven obligados a ponerse en cuarentena debido a un diagnóstico positivo o exposición a la COVID-19. Se pueden otorgar días adicionales con la aprobación de la TEA con la documentación requerida.


Gracias por su continuo apoyo y paciencia mientras se desarrolló el aprendizaje virtual estas últimas semanas. Ya sea que su estudiante asista virtual o presencialmente, esperamos tener un gran año escolar con usted y su familia.



HSI Parent Teacher Conference

An image of the Sept 17, 2021 Parent Teacher Conference flyer


Parent Teacher Conference Instructions

An image of the Sept 17, 2021 Parent Teacher Conference Instruction flyer An image of the Sept 17, 2021 Parent Teacher Conference Instruction flyer in Spanish

Good day, Harmony Family!

Harmony School of Innovation is pleased to partner with Military Child’s Education Coalition, [MCEC].  MCEC addresses specific issues for military families, interstate compacts and articulation, and resiliency programs. Please click the link below for more information.

¡Buen día, familia Harmony!

Harmony School of Innovation se complace en asociarse con Military Child’s Education Coalition, [MCEC]. MCEC aborda temas específicos para familias militares, pactos y articulaciones interestatales, y programas de resiliencia. Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para obtener más información. d / e / 1FAIpQLSdDHFDQQ1Gp0- Bw90UtLnw62ztGZqxSgT55RnuAJBq0 LqC-1A / formulario de visualización

An image of the Afghan Refugee Donation Drive Flyer.

Give Back to the Community.pdf

An image of the Afghan Refugee Donation Drive Flyer.

An image of the college application workshop fyer.