Good day, Harmony Family!

We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. The end of school year is here and it is now time to turn in any school owned items, specifically Chromebook computers.

Please see the schedule below for turning in school items. This event will occur on a drive through basis and you will not need to get out of your vehicle. The drive through will be entering from Rushing, passing by the Middle/High School exit, then proceeding out towards Fairbanks.

When you turn in items, please have Chromebooks charged, open and on so that HSI Staff can verify the Chromebook works and has no damage. If the Chromebook is not in this state, you will be asked to pull over to a designated spot so that the Chromebook can be plugged in and checked.

Any other items, such as books belonging to the school, may be turned in at the same time and location.

Day / Date Time Last Name
Tuesday         5/26 9am-12pm A-G
Wednesday    5/27 9am-12pm H-O
Thursday        5/28 9am-12pm P-Z