Please find the detailed info for the HSI Class of 2020 Parade:

HSI Class of 2020 Parade
Date: May 22, 2020
Start: 4 PM
End: 5 PM
Location: HSI ( Please SEE the Attached Map)

Student Guidelines
• Students are to remain in vehicles the entire time.
• Students are not allowed to enter the buildings or congregate in the parking lot.
• Students are encouraged to follow proper social distancing guidelines such as wearing a face mask and avoiding all physical contact.
• Students are to drive 5 MPH inside the parking lot and should try to maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles in the parade.
• Students are to decorate vehicles prior to the event, absolutely no profanity.
• Students are allowed to enter the parade and circle three times.
• Students are allowed to honk and play school appropriate music.
• Students will collect their gifts as they participate in the parade.
• Students will arrive by no later than 4 PM and will line up in front of MS/HS drop off facing North until the parade begins. See diagram.
• Students may invite parents to ride along in the same vehicle.
• Students should have their names on the car windshield.