“On January 11th Harmony School of Innovation-El Paso campus hosted it’s annual Alumni Panel–an opportunity for students to interact with college attendees from Harmony Public Schools, and to have their questions answered concerning the day-to-day of college life. Panel participants were HSI graduates Brittani West from Notre Dame University, Jazmin Campos from Emory University, Edgar Aldama from The University of Texas at  El Paso, moderator Keisha Sepulveda-Rivera from Texas Tech university and HSA graduates Mistue Yoshimoto, Genesis Barraza, Carolina Lopez, and Zaira Perez, all from The University of Texas at El Paso. Students benefited from a host of thoughtful questions that answered questions regarding the college essentials, how to find the best fitting school, and the financial do’s and don’ts of college, including loans and grants. The purpose of the assembly was to encourage Harmony students to seek opportunities that college provides-including why, and how to do so. After the assembly was dismissed, students with lingering questions were encouraged to come up to panelist and speak one on one to learn more and ask more personal questions. The event was a positive growing experience for all involved.”