Dear Parent:

The Texas Education Agency (TEA), will visit our campus for a comprehensive on-site review to evaluate the Methods of Administration (MOA) of civil rights related to CTE (career and technical education) programs.

To be prepared for the visit our campus will need to complete some requirements by TEA before the visit. One of them is surveying students, staff and parents.

The visit will take place for two days in the week of April 8,20 19, reviewing documents, looking at the facility, and speaking with students, staff, and faculty. The intent is to assist the school district in meeting the civil rights requirements and to offer technical assistance to the district if and when corrective actions are needed.

Prior to the visit, there will be an online survey to parents and students. Parents will be able to take the survey on campus in the counselor’s office as well. Parents will receive an email from the school for the link to the survey.

The online survey will be administered to students at the campus site. Parent consent is required for students to participate in the survey. The attached parent consent form must be signed, dated and returned to the campus before August 27, 2018.

Please see the attachments for details.

Thank you for your ongoing collaboration and participation.

Parent Consent Survey_19-Eng

Parent Consent Survey_SP_19

Parent Survey Notification_19

Parent Survey Notification_SP_19